BESTInfra 2017

Czech Technical University, September 21 - 22, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

BESTInfra 2017 Conference Program: Summary





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Room B

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Day 0
Wed, 20th Sep

17:00 - 19:00







18:00 - 19:00

Welcome Drink






Day 1

21st Sep

08:00 - 15:00







09:00 - 09:15


Conference Opening





09:15 - 10:30







10:30 - 11:00

Coffee Break






11:00 - 12:30



Management of Transport Infrastructure

Railways 1

Tunnels 1


12:30 - 13:30







13:30 - 15:00



Roads 1

Railways 2

Tunnels 2


15:00 - 15:30

Coffee Break






15:30 - 17:00



Roads 2

Bridges 1

Tunnels 3


19:00 - 23:00






Conference Dinner

Day 2

22nd Sep

08:00 - 12:00







09:15 - 10:30







10:30 - 11:00

Coffee Break






11:00 - 12:30



Roads 3

Bridges 2

Safety of Transport Infrastructure


12:30 - 13:30







13:30 - 15:00



Secondary and Recycled Materials

Bridges 3

Diagnostics of Transport Infrastructure


15:00 - 15:15


Closing Remarks





 BESTInfra 2017 Conference Program: Detailed

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Day 0: Wednesday, 20th September 2017

17:00 - 19:00 Registration Atrium

18:00 - 19:00 Welcome Drink Atrium

Day 1: Thursday, 21st September 2017

08:00 - 15:00 Registration Atrium

09:00 - 09:15 Conference Opening Hall

Alena Kohoutková

09:15 - 10:30 Keynotes Hall

Durability of recycled and lower temperature asphalts

Cliff Nicholls

Future Technologies to Improve Railway Infrastructure Performance: Applications to High Speed Rail, Main Line Railways and Metros

Edward Stewart

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break Atrium

11:00 - 12:30 Sessions

Room A Management of Transport Infrastructure (MAN)

Chairmen: Zdeněk Bittnar & Cliff Nicholls

MAN_1   Improving linear transport infrastructure efficiency by automated learning and optimised predictive maintenance techniques (INFRALERT)

                   Noemi Jiménez-Redondo, Alvaro Calle-Cordón, Ute Kandler, Axel Simroth, Francisco J Morales, Antonio Reyes, Johan Odelius, Aditya Thaduri, Joao Morgado and Emmanuele Duarte

MAN_2   Integration of RAMS in LCC analysis for linear transport infrastructures. A case study for railways.

                   Álvaro Calle-Cordón, Noemi Jiménez-Redondo, F J Morales-Gámiz, F A García-Villena, Amir H S Garmabaki and Johan Odelius

MAN_3   Historical maintenance relevant information road-map for a self-learning maintenance prediction procedural approach

                   Francisco J Morales, Antonio Reyes, Noelia Cáceres, Luis M Romero, Francisco G Benitez, Joao Morgado, Emanuel Duarte and Teresa Martins

MAN_4   Utilization of building information modeling in infrastructure’s design and construction

                   Josef Žák and Helen Macadam

MAN_5   Sustainability of transport structures - some aspects of the nonlinear reliability assessment

                   Radomír Pukl, Tereza Sajdlová, Alfred Strauss, David Lehký and Drahomír Novák

Room B Railways 1 (RA1)

Chairmen: Otto Plášek & Clive Roberts

RA1_1      Tendencies in the development of operational quality of ballasted and ballastless track superstructure and transition areas

                   Libor Ižvolt, Janka Šestáková and Michal Šmalo

RA1_2      Application of geocomposite placed beneath ballast bed to improve ballast quality and track stability

                   Leoš Horníček, Petr Břešťovský and Petr Jasanský

RA1_3      Determination of the elastic modulus of fly ash-based stabilizer applied in the trackbed

                   Vít Lojda, Martin Lidmila and Marek Pýcha

RA1_4      Impact capacity reduction in railway prestressed concrete sleepers with vertical holes

                   Chayut Ngamkhanong, Dan Li and Sakdirat Kaewunruen

RA1_5      Influence of vertical holes on creep and shrinkage of railway prestressed concrete sleepers

                   Dan Li, Chayut Ngamkhanong and Sakdirat Kaewunruen

Room C Tunnels 1 (TU1)

Chairmen: Jan Pruška & Jiří Šejnoha

TU1_1      Measures for the reduction of sinter formations in tunnels

                   Gerhard Harer

TU1_2      Geotechnical risk and earth structures

                   Ivan Vaníček, Daniel Jirásko and Martin Vaníček

TU1_3      Thermal load of the final lining of traffic tunnels

                   Lukáš Ďuriš, Josef Aldorf and Jiří Geryk

TU1_4      Assessment of tunnel´s face support pressure

                   Eva Hrubešová and Lukáš Ďuriš

TU1_5      Ovčiarsko tunnel - interpretation of the results of the geotechnical monitoring

                   Jakub Ondráček

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Atrium

13:30 - 15:00 Sessions

Room A Roads 1 (RO1)

Chairmen: Jan Valentin & Glynn Holleran

RO1_1      Towards improved correlations between bitumen properties and rutting resistance of bituminous mixtures - FunDBitS literature review

                   Fátima A Batista, Bernhard Hofko, Joëlle De Visscher, Tine Tanghe and Margarida Sá da Costa

RO1_2      Field investigation of low-temperature cracking and stiffness moduli on selected roads with conventional and high modulus asphalt concrete

                   Józef Judycki, Mariusz Jaczewski, Dawid Ryś, Marek Pszczoła, Piotr Jaskuła and Adam Glinicki

RO1_3      Effect of wax crystallization on complex modulus of modified bitumen after varied temperature conditioning rates

                   Diana Simnofske and Konrad Mollenhauer

RO1_4      Performance properties of asphalt mixes for rich bottom layers (RBL)

                   Petr Bureš, Jiří Fiedler, Jiří Kašpar, Michal Sýkora and Petr Hýzl

RO1_5      Effect of interlayer bonding quality of asphalt layers on pavement performance

                   Piotr Jaskula and Dawid Rys

Room B Railways 2 (RA2)

Chairmen: Leoš Horníček & Chayut Ngamkhanong

RA2_1      Discrete simulation of railway ballast shear test: spherical and polyhedral grain shapes

                   Radek Dubina and Jan Eliáš

RA2_2      Design of high-speed turnouts and crossings

                   Lukáš Raif, Bohuslav Puda, Jiří Havlík and Marek Smolka

RA2_3      Under sleeper pads in switches & crossings

                   Otto Plášek and Miroslava Hruzíková

RA2_4      Vibro-acoustic performance of newly designed tram track structures

                   Ivo Haladin, Stjepan Lakušić and Maja Ahac

RA2_5      Proposal of an intelligent wayside monitoring system for detection of critical ice accumulations on railway vehicles

                   Frank Michelberger, Adrian Wagner, Michael Ostermann and Thomas Maly

Room C Tunnels 2 (TU2)

Chairmen: Eva Hrubešová & Gerhard Harer

TU2_1      Hierarchical stochastic model of terrain subsidence during tunnel excavation

                   Tomáš Janda, Jiří Šejnoha and Michal Šejnoha

TU2_2      Supervision of tunnelling constructions and software used for their evaluation

                   Aristotelis Caravanas and Matouš Hilar

TU2_3      Calibration of an advanced material model for a shotcrete lining

                   Juraj Chalmovský, Martin Závacký and Lumír Miča

TU2_4      Probabilistic approach to damage of tunnel lining due to fire

                   Jiří Šejnoha, Jan Sýkora, Eva Novotná and Michal Šejnoha

TU2_5      Application of fire and evacuation models in evaluation of fire safety in railway tunnels

                   Kamila Cábová, Tomáš Apeltauer, Petra Okřinová and František Wald

15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break Atrium

15:30 - 17:00 Sessions

Room A Roads 2 (RO2)

Chairmen: Jan Valentin & Wim Van den bergh

RO2_1      The influence of mixture composition, adhesion promotor and compaction degree on the groove stability of grooved Marshall asphalt

                   Cedric Vuye, Karolien Couscheir, Leen Lauriks, Wim Van den bergh and Philippe Van Bouwel

RO2_2      The influence of nanoclay on the durability properties of asphalt mixtures for top and base layers

                   Johan Blom, Bram De Kinder, Jannes Meeusen and Wim Van den bergh

RO2_3      Evaluation of elevated temperature properties of asphalt cement modified with aluminum oxide and calcium carbonate nanoparticles

                   Shaban Ismael Albrka Ali, Amiruddin Ismail, Ramez A AlMansob and Dhawo Ibrahim Alhmali

RO2_4      Bitumen performance and chemistry in solvent refined bitumen blends

                   Glynn Holleran, Irina Holleran and Douglas J Wilson

RO2_5      Optimizing the durability of the coarse fraction of porous asphalt RAP for effective recycling

                   Irina Holleran, Douglas J Wilson, Philippa Black, Glynn Holleran and Lubinda F Walubita

Room B Bridges 1 (BR1)

Chairmen: Pavel Ryjáček & Alena Kohoutková

BR1_1      Thermo-mechanical simulations of early-age concrete cracking with durability predictions

                   Petr Havlásek, Vít Šmilauer, Karolina Hájková and Luis Baquerizo

BR1_2      Improving resistance of high strength concrete (HSC) bridge beams to frost and defrosting salt attack by application of hydrophobic agent

                   Jiří Kolísko, Lukáš Balík, Michaela Kostelecká and Petr Pokorný

BR1_3      Experiments on fibre orientation in UHPC

                   Jan L. Vítek, David Čítek and Robert Coufal

BR1_4      Lightweight HPC beam OMEGA

                   Michal Sýkora, Petr Jedlinský and Jan Komanec; Václav Kvasnička

BR1_5      Tresfjord Bridge - a human friendly and traffic efficient structure

                   Kristian B Dahl, Aja Anta Magerøy Tønnessen and Lars I Toverud

Room C Tunnels 3 (TU3)

Chairman: Jan Pruška & Karel Vojtasík

TU3_1      Site investigation as tool for elimination of natural hazard impact on construction project

                   Pavel Pospíšil and Alexandr Rozsypal

TU3_2      Practical example of the infrastructure protection against rock fall

                   Daniel Jirásko and Ivan Vaníček

TU3_3      Static design of steel-concrete lining for traffic tunnels

                   Karel Vojtasík, Marek Mohyla and Eva Hrubešová

19:00 - 23:00 Conference Dinner Villa Richter

Conference dinner will be served on Thursday, September 21 at 7pm at Richters Villa (Stare zamecke schody 251/6, Prague 1) with a great view of Prague. Price of the dinner is 60 EUR if paid in advance, 100 EUR if paid during registration on site. If you pre-registered for the dinner you will find an invitation in your registration kit. Villa Richter can be easily reached by tram number 18 or 20 if you drive three stops to Malostranske namesti.

Villa Richter

Day 2: Friday, 22nd September 2017

08:00 - 15:00 Registration Atrium

09:15 - 10:30 Keynotes Hall

Standardization of quality control plans for highway bridges in Europe: COST Action TU 1406

Joan R Casas and Jose Campos e Matos

Typical technical status, technology improvements, requirements and needs of roads in developing countries shown on a case study

Rafiq Kakar

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break Atrium

11:00 - 12:30 Sessions

Room A Roads 3 (RO3)

Chairmen: Jan Valentin & Rafiq Kakar

RO3_1      Test of cold asphalt storability based on alternative approaches

                   Zora Abaffyová and Jozef Komačka

RO3_2      Analysis of the binder yield energy test as an indicator of fatigue behaviour of asphalt mixes

                   Johan O’Connell, Georges A J Mturi, Julius Komba and Louw Du Plessis

RO3_3      Analyzing the stripping potential of warm mix asphalt using imaging technique

                   Muhammad Rafiq Kakar, Meor Othman Hamzah and Jan Valentin

RO3_4      The use of a non-nuclear density gauge for monitoring the compaction process of asphalt pavement

                   Wim Van den bergh, Cedric Vuye, Patricia Kara, Karolien Couscheir, Johan Blom and Philippe Van Bouwel

RO3_5      Evaluation of permanent deformation and durability of  epoxidized natural rubber modified asphalt mix

                   Ramez A Al-Mansob, Amiruddin Ismail, Riza Atiq O K Rahmat, Muhamad Nazri Borhan, Jamal M A Alsharef, Shaban Ismael Albrka and Mohamed Rehan Karim

Room B Bridges 2 (BR2)

Chairmen: Pavel Ryjáček & Joan Casas

BR2_1      Strengthening of bridges by post-tensioning using monostrands in substituted cable ducts

                   Ladislav Klusáček and Adam Svoboda

BR2_2      Effective way to reconstruct arch bridges using concrete walls and transverse strands

                   Ladislav Klusáček, Robin Pěkník and Radim Nečas

BR2_3      Special heavy plates and steel solutions for bridge building

                   Tobias Lehnert

BR2_4      Dynamic response of footbridges with tuned mass dampers

                   Jiří Máca

BR2_5      Reserves in load capacity assessment of existing bridges

                   Jan Žitný and Pavel Ryjáček

Room C Safety of Transport Infrastructure (SAF)

Chairmen: Josef Stryk & Onur Pekcan

SAF_1      Innovative neuro-fuzzy system of smart transport infrastructure for road traffic safety

                   Anna Beinarovica, Mikhail Gorobetz and Anatoly Levchenkov

SAF_2      Joint road safety operations in tunnels and open roads

                   Adewole Adesiyun, Antonio Avenoso, Kallistratos Dionelis, Liljana Cela, Christophe Nicodème, Thierry Goger and Carlo Polidori

SAF_3      New research opportunities for roadside safety barriers improvement

                   Giuseppe Cantisani, Paola Di Mascio and Carlo Polidori

SAF_4      Simulation of crash tests for high impact levels of a new bridge safety barrier

                   Jiří Drozda and Tomáš Rotter

SAF_5      Increasing of visibility on the pedestrian crossing by the additional lighting systems

                   Richard Baleja, Petr Bos, Tomáš Novák, Karel Sokanský and Tomáš Hanusek

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Atrium

13:30 - 15:00 Sessions

Room A Use of Secondary and Recycled Materials (REC)

Chairmen: Roman Ličbinský & Fátima Batista

REC_1      Recommendations and strategies for using reclaimed asphalt pavement in the Flemish Region based on a first life cycle assessment research

                   Wim Van den bergh, Patricia Kara, Joke Anthonissen, Alexandros Margaritis, Geert Jacobs and Karolien Couscheir

REC_2      Polish experience with cold in-place recycling

                   Bohdan Dołżycki

REC_3      Utilisation of metallurgical by-products in road construction in the Czech Republic

                   František Kresta

REC_4      Potential use of fly ash to soil treatment in the Morava region

                   Lucia Bulíková, František Kresta and Martin Rochovanský

REC_5      Utilization of the waste from the marble industry for application in transport infrastructure: mechanical properties of cement pastes

                   Zdeněk Prošek, Jan Trejbal, Jaroslav Topič, Tomáš Plachý and Pavel Tesárek

 Room B Bridges 3 (BR3)

Chairmen: Jan Vítek & Roberto Gomez

BR3_1      Instrumentation and monitoring of segmental post-tensioned girders

                   Roberto Gomez, J Alberto Escobar and Hector Guerrero

BR3_2      Steel bridge in interaction with modern slab track fastening systems under various vertical load levels

                   Vojtěch Stančík, Pavel Ryjáček and Miroslav Vokáč

BR3_3      SHS and RHS stainless steel slender members loaded by compression and bending interaction

                   Břetislav Židlický and Michal Jandera

BR3_4      Behaviour of several fatigue prone bridge details

                   Petr Kubiš and Pavel Ryjáček

Room C Diagnostics of Transport Infrastructure (DIA)

Chairmen: Josef Stryk & Carlo Polidori

DIA_1       Structural health monitoring system for bridges based on skin-like sensor

                   Konstantinos Loupos, Yannis Damigos, Angelos Amditis, Reimund Gerhard, Dmitry Rychkov, Werner Wirges, Manuel Schulze, Sotiris-Angelos Lenas, Christos Chatziandreoglou, Christina M. Malliou, Vassilis Tsaoussidis, Ken Brady and Bernd Frankenstein

DIA_2       Crack identification for rigid pavements using unmanned aerial vehicles

                   Ahmet Bahaddin Ersoz, Onur Pekcan and Turker Teke

DIA_3       Using traffic speed deflectometer to measure deflections and evaluate bearing capacity of asphalt road pavements at network level

                   Ilja Březina, Josef Stryk and Jiří Grošek

DIA_4       Pavement noise measurements in Poland

                   Ewa Zofka, Adam Zofka and Tomasz Mechowski

DIA_5       Application of infrared camera to bituminous concrete pavements: measuring vehicle

                   Michal Janků and Josef Stryk

15:00 - 15:15 Closing Remarks Hall

Alena Kohoutková

Poster Session Atrium


P001         Influence of selected test parameters on measured values during the MSCR test

                   Lucie Benešová and Jan Valentin

P002         Viscoelastic behaviour of cold recycled asphalt mixes

                   Zuzana Čížková and Jan Suda; Jan Valentin

P003         Comparison of influence of ageing on low-temperature characteristics of asphalt mixtures

                   Pavla Vacková, Jan Valentin and Lucie Benešová

P004         Effect of new type of synthetic waxes on reduced production and compaction temperature of asphalt mixture with reclaimed asphalt

                   Tereza Valentová, Lucie Benešová, Jan Mastný and Jan Valentin

P005         Practical experiences with new types of highly modified asphalt binders

                   Petr Špaček, Zdeněk Hegr and Jan Beneš

P006         Asphalt mixtures with a high amount of RAP - case study

                   Tomas Koudelka and Michal Varaus

P007         Epoxy asphalt concrete is a perspective material for the construction of durable roads

                   Valerii Vyrozhemskyi, Ivan Kopynets, Sergii Kischynskyi and Nataliia Bidnenko

P008         High temperature impact on fatigue life of asphalt mixture in Slovakia

                   Ján Mandula and Tomáš Olexa; Jakub Bokomlaško

P009         Asphalt mix reinforced with vegetable fibers

                   Peter Gallo

P010         Microtexture diagnostics of asphalt pavement surfaces

                   Zuzana Florková and Ľubomír Pepucha

P011         The road surface as a source of particulate matter

                   Daša Fullová, Dušan Jandačka, Daniela Ďurčanská, Adriana Eštoková and Jitka Hegrová

P012         Contamination of environment in the road surroudings - impact of road salting on Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

                   Jitka Hegrová, Oliver Steiner, Walter Goessler, Stefan Tanda and Petr Anděl

P013         Alternative modifications of bituminous binders for mastic asphalt mixtures

                   Jakub Šedina, Jan Valentin and Lucie Benešová

P014         Analysis of laboratory compaction methods of roller compacted concrete

                   Tomáš Trtík, Roman Chylík, Petr Bílý and Josef Fládr

P015         Precast concrete pavement - systems and performance review

                   Josef Novák, Alena Kohoutková, Vladimír Křístek and Jan Vodička

P016         Durable high strength cement concrete topping for asphalt roads

                   Valerii Vyrozhemskyi, Kateryna Krayushkina and Nataliia Bidnenko

P017         Importance of dowels in transversal joints in concrete pavements

                   Jiří Grošek, Vladimír Chupík, Josef Stryk and Ilja Březina

P018         Assessment of the transport routes of oversized and excessive loads in relation to the passage through roundabout

                   Jan Petrů, Jiří Doležel and Vladislav Křivda

P019         Capacity analysis of a bypass of roundabouts

                   Ivan Sedlačik and Petr Slabý

P020         Influence of roundabout capacity enhancement on emission production

                   Andrea Kocianová, Marek Drliciak and Eva Pitlová

P021         Road structural elements temperature trends diagnostics using sensory system of own design

                   Juraj Dudak, Gabriel Gaspar, Stefan Sedivy, Lubomir Pepucha and Zuzana Florkova

P022         Swelling soils in the road structures

                   Jan Pruška and Miroslav Šedivý


P023         Assessment of rail long-pitch corrugation

                   Jan Valehrach, Petr Guziur, Tomáš Říha and Otto Plášek

P024         Seismic impact of the railway on the geotechnical constructions

                   Martin Stolárik and Miroslav Pinka

P025         Acoustic energy propagation around railways

                   Petra Čížková


P026         FEM simulation of static loading test of the Omega beam

                   Petr Bílý, Alena Kohoutková and Petr Jedlinský

P027         Analysis of the connection of the timber-fiber concrete composite structure

                   Milan Holý, Lukáš Vráblík and Vojtěch Petřík

P028         Fracture properties of concrete specimens made from alkali activated binders

                   Hana Šimonová, Barbara Kucharczyková, Libor Topolář, Vlastimil Bílek, Jr. and Zbyněk Keršner

P029         Push-out tests and evaluation of FRP perfobond rib shear connectors performance

                   Ludvík Kolpaský and Pavel Ryjáček

P030         Assessment of the transportation route of oversize and excessive loads in relation to the load-bearing capacity of existing bridges

                   Jiří Doležel, Drahomír Novák and Jan Petrů


P031         Design, construction and conditions of the application of unreinforced concrete final lining in conventionally driven tunnels

                   Jan Faltýnek, Jiří Hořejší, Libor Mařík and Pavel Růžička

P032         The ultimate limit state of the underground circular tunnel segment lining

                   Václav Ráček and Jaromír Zlámal

P033         New drainage tunnel of the tunnel Višňové - design and excavation

                   Igor Jurík, Ladislav Grega, Jozef Valko and Peter Janega

P034         Spray-applied waterproofing membranes: effective solution for safe and durable tunnel linings?

                   Barbora Píšová and Matouš Hilar

Use of Secondary and Recycled Materials

P035         Mechanical properties and durability of crumb rubber concrete

   Roman Chylík, Tomáš Trtík, Josef Fládr and Petr Bílý

P036         Influence of increasing amount of recycled concrete powder on mechanical properties of cement paste

                   Jaroslav Topič, Zdeněk Prošek and Tomáš Plachý

Management of Transport Infrastructure

P037         Utilization of BIM for automation of quantity takeoffs and cost estimation in transport infrastructure construction projects in the Czech Republic

                   Stanislav Vitásek and Petr Matějka

P038         User costs as one of main advantages of precast concrete application in highway construction

                   Radan Tomek

P039         Risk variables in evaluation of transport projects

                   Petr Vařbuchta, Hana Kovářová, Vít Hromádka and Eva Vítková

P040         Research of cost aspects of cement pavements construction

                   Artem Bezuglyi, Sergii Illiash and Оleksandr Tymoshchuk